Student Volunteer Army

Strengthening our community links through volunteering

We need your help!

We are looking for local organisations which our students volunteer their services to. If you are a member of a local organisation and need help or support then please contact who is coordinating the programme at Ellesmere College – Te Kāreti o Waihora.

The SVA Service Award is a platform where secondary school students log and reflect on their volunteering hours.

The students are working towards Member, Bronze, Silver, and Gold badges to acknowledge the awesome mahi that they do in their community, whether it be their school, family or neighbourhood.

How it works:

  1. Find volunteering opportunities that interest and mean something to you
  2. Log volunteering hours through the SVA App
  3. The application automatically builds a Summary of Service that you can use when applying for scholarships, apprenticeships, and employment

What is volunteering at Ellesmere College - Te Kāreti o Waihora

The 2022 Student Leaders have decided that what should be considered volunteering at our school is ” someone taking their own time to better the school and community” and set the following criteria:


Junior Students: engaging at school and the wider community to enhance relationships with individuals they don’t particularly know and build leadership skills

Senior Students: giving back to the school and community while building character for future careers and skills