Ngā Mātāpuna o te Waihora Kāhui Ako

Our wider school community working collaboratively together

What is Ngā Mātāpuna o te Waihora Kāhui Ako?

Ngā Mātāpuna o te Waihora Kāhui Ako is a group of Early Childhood Centres and Schools working together to help our learners/students achieve their full potential.  Our Kāhui Ako sets a Strategic Plan and Achievement Challenges based on the needs of the young people who attend the ECE’s and Schools.

Our  Kahui Ako, after looking at how we can have a positive impact in our Kahui Ako community have decided to focus on Wellbeing as the major part of our work.


Our Vision is:- A Confident, Connected, Caring Community.


The vision “A Confident, Connected, Caring Community” was developed in 2017.   It is still relevant to our small Kāhui Ako who have experienced local, regional, national and international challenges in recent years.  Due to these challenges many within the Kāhui Ako – whanau, staff and students have reflected on what is important in education.  The importance of the good wellbeing of the student is seen as a clear and required outcome for students of our Kāhui Ako to become good functioning members of our society.   The change to move from our three levers of change to the singular focus on Wellbeing is underpinned by our clear vision.  In fact, the vision of “A Confident, Connected, Caring Community” is becoming more important now than ever.

The co-construction of the Wellbeing Strategic Plan has provided clear direction for our Kāhui Ako.  The Strategic Initiatives are in response to the data collected and needs of the students, staff, kura and whānau within the Kāhui Ako. This directs the work of the Across School Leader and Within School Teachers, improving the practice of the kaiako and the experience that students have in our Kāhui Ako.

Our Strategic Plan

Our Kāhui Ako has developed a website for our wider-school community which contains

  • Information about our Kahui Ako
  • Our Wellbeing Strategy
  • Wellbeing Resources you can use at home
  • Link to booking for our Mana Ake Whānau sessions

You can access the website by clicking on the image below: