Learning at Ellesmere College

An all-inclusive educational approach

Ellesmere College provides students with a stimulating environment and the personalised support to enable them to excel both academically and personally.

Our dedicated teachers know each student individually and go above and beyond to support their learning. Small class-sizes, one-on-one attention and a nurturing environment empower our students to flourish in every area of school life.

A full and balanced curriculum

We offer students from Year 7 to Year 13 a comprehensive curriculum, with a range of subjects and an emphasis on academic achievement. Engaging, challenging and enjoyable lessons encourage each student to fulfil their potential.

Alongside academics, Ellesmere has a strong focus on extra-curricular activities. We help prepare our students for their futures by cultivating the development of well-rounded skills through music, arts, sport and languages.

Our unique Whānau House system

Part of how we provide a supportive and caring environment for our students is through our Whānau houses, named after four native New Zealand trees: Rata, Rimu, Kowhai and Totara.

From Year 8 onwards, students are placed in mixed-aged form classes, where they remain until they leave school. Our house system fosters a feeling of belonging in students, and acts as an extended family and support network.

The unique grouping of mixed years encourages mentoring between junior and senior students, giving senior students the opportunity to develop leadership skills, and junior students the ability to form bonds with positive role models.

Encouraging gifted and talented students

We understand that different students need different levels of support, and we are committed to getting to know each student personally and understanding their individual needs and strengths.

Our GATE students are given opportunities to excel through differentiated lessons, mentorship, NCEA scholarships, across-curriculum competitions and individual education plans (IEP) – a combination of input from specialists, teachers and parents.

Supporting special education needs

An element of our all-inclusive ethos is providing a safe and encouraging environment that enables every student to feel positive and confident about learning.

Our students with additional needs are supported with a range of measures, including special assessment conditions, individual instruction, IEP’s and specialist teacher support.

Setting students on the path to success

To prepare our senior students for the wider world and aid their transition into the workplace, we have a strong Gateway Programme at Ellesmere.

As well as helping our students to find work once they’ve finished school, students are given the opportunity of work experience in their final two years with various businesses and organisations in the local community.