Information on Fees for International Students at Ellesmere College


• Registration (per year) $NZ250 (non-refundable)
• Tuition fees for 2019, $NZ12500 incl. GST(per annum) / $3125 (per term)
• Placement Fee $NZ250
• Weekly Homestay Fee $NZ250
• Guardian Fee approximately $NZ3000 per annum – (where applicable)

Note: - Fees should be paid by 31 October of the year prior to enrolment. The Weekly Homestay Fee may be paid term by term.
Please see ‘Conditions for Refund of Fees for International Students’ for information on fees being refunded.


What do Tuition Fees Cover?

• Tuition
• Use of text books
• Use of equipment
• Specialised English Language Tuition in a timetabled ESOL class
• Sports trips
• Field Trips
• Trip from Airport, where you will be met, to your Homestay.


What is NOT Included in Tuition Fees?

• Insurance (Student’s responsibility)
• Examination Fees: these apply to national examinations in NCEA Levels 1—3.
• For 2019 there is a flat rate of $383.30 and all Scholarship subjects are additional to the flat rate at $102.20 a subject.
• College Uniform – (approximately $NZ1000 — all new uniform; other arrangements can be made if required)
• Stationery / Calculators
• Guardianship (where applicable)
• Holiday Programmes
• Year level camps e.g. Year 10 camp
• Year level Ski Trip
• Music tuition
• Private Tuition outside the College
• Personal spending money - $NZ50 per week is recommended