Beyond the Classroom

At Ellesmere College we are thoroughly committed to providing a balanced curriculum where our formal academic curriculum is supplemented with an active programme of learning that takes our students into unfamiliar situations that stretch and test their abilities.
Before embarking on any out-of-class adventure, the College staff are required to identify any risk factors and write a Safety Action Plan. Many of our staff have St John first aid certificates and a trained first aider is expected to accompany every group.
Many class trips occur as part of the normal learning experience and in addition to these the following activities are organised on an annual or biannual basis.

Year 7 Camp

Target Group: Year 7
Location: Woodend Christian Camp
When: Term 1
Cost [2015]: $200
Purpose: Held in term one this is an important part of the induction of students to the College. Living in close quarters for three days allows students and teachers to get to know each other very quickly. Team building activities and challenges, such as the climbing wall, push personal boundaries and students gain confidence in new areas.


Year 10 Camp

Target Group: Year 10
Location: Glentui Meadows
When: Term one
Cost [2015]: $150
Purpose: Held during term one, the Year 10 camp is designed to develop team spirit in an adventure based learning environment. The students are presented with challenging experiences in a controlled environment that develops personal confidence and the need to work cooperatively with others.


Year 13 Camp

Target Group: Year 13
Location: Glentui Meadows
When: Early term one
Cost [2015]: $125
Purpose: Held right at the start of the year, this camp is a wonderful experience for the Year 13 students. The objectives of the camp are to enhance the student’s skills of cooperation, make them aware of their unique position in the College, to give them guidance about their goals, to develop their leadership skills and to build relationships.


Ski Trip

Target Group: Years 8, 9 and 10
Location: Mt Hutt
When: Term three
Cost [2015]: $95
Purpose: This trip gives an opportunity for students to go to Mt Hutt and experience this element of New Zealand’s outdoor industry. Included is a lesson to help students develop and refine their skills and they are given access to the chairlifts.


Overseas Experiences

It is our hope that every student has the opportunity to go on an overseas trip while they are at Ellesmere College.
Most trips are supported by active fundraising but they could also be personally funded with a little forethought. If a student were to save $10 per week from the beginning of year 7 they will have $2500 by the end of year 11.

Japan Trip

Target Group: Years 10 to 13
Location: Japan
When: Biannual. Next trip planned for 2018
Cost [2015]: $4300 plus spending money
Purpose: To give students that study Japanese the opportunity to experience the life and culture of Japan.


World Challenge

Target Group: Years 11 to 13
Location: Asia
When: Biannual. Next trip planned for December 2016
Cost: Depends on the location
Purpose: Ellesmere College works in partnership with World Challenge to deliver life changing, developmental expeditions for students as a means of developing crucial life skills such as leadership, teamwork, self-awareness and compassion.
Ellesmere College World Challenge trips started in 2014 with two teams in South East Asia and we plan to continue this every second year. For more information see