Expectations for Behaviour at Ellesmere College

The Ellesmere College values are Respect, Integrity, Success and Empathy [RISE].
In every situation, whether it be in assembly, the classroom, on the bus, in hallways or on the school field, these values should be demonstrated and lived out.
In Assembly
Respect means:
  • Listen quietly without talking.
  • Sit still in seats.
  • Pay attention to speakers.
  • Be patient when entering and exiting.
  • Sing the national anthem with pride. 
Integrity means: 
  • Wear the uniform correctly.
  • Own up for negative behaviour.
  • Follow instructions of staff. 
Success means:
  • Work to the best of your ability at school, sports and cultural activities so that you can gain awards. 
Empathy means:
  • Acknowledge others achievements.
  • Respect other students right to listen. 
In the Classroom
Respect means:
  • Don’t call out or speak when others are talking.
  • Listen to the teachers and other students when they are talking.
  • Look after equipment. 
Integrity means:
  • Complete work to the best of your ability.
  • Be on time and properly dressed.
  • Have the correct equipment for class.
  • Own up for own negative behaviour. 
Success means:
  • Work hard for grades that you can be happy with.
  • Try your very best all the time.
  • Keep trying, even when things get tough.
Empathy means:
  • Understand other peoples learning situations.
  • Use manners and positive language with classmates and teachers. 
On a Bus
Respect means:
  • Follow bus driver instructions and use manners.
  • Keep the bus tidy.
  • Keep hands to yourself. 
Integrity means:
  • Look after your own rubbish.
  • Take responsibility for your behaviour.
  • Stay in your seat while the bus is moving. 
Success means:
  • Remind younger students to be respectful towards others.
  • Look after other students. 
Empathy means:
  • Sit quietly in your seat.
  • Respect other students and their property.
  • Thank the bus driver. 
In Hallways, Common Rooms and around the College Office
Respect means:
  • Put your rubbish in the bin.
  • Keep hallways clear to let traffic flow.
  • Speak politely to people, using manners at all times. 
Integrity means:
  • Pick up any rubbish that you have to keep school tidy.
  • Start moving to class when the first bell goes.
  • Keep uniform tidy at all times. 
 Success means:
  • Get to class on time.
  • Move quickly so you can be ready for your teacher 
Empathy means:
  • Keep the hallways clear so others can get through.
  • Be careful when walking through not to push others.
  • Open doors for others. 
On the School Field
Respect means:
  • Keep the fields tidy.
  • Pick up your own rubbish.
  • Look after school property. 
Integrity means:
  • If you got gear from the sport shed return it so others can use it.
  • Stay on site
  • Care for the seats, hoses, pitch etc 
Success means:
  • Find some positive activities to get involved in.
  • Good sportsmanship demonstrated in games 
Empathy means:
  • Speak nicely to staff and other students.
  • Include others in your group/activity.