Homestay Accommodation


When studying at Ellesmere College, international students must live in Homestay accommodation. Ellesmere College arranges Homestay accommodation in approved homes for international students.
The College takes great care in the selection of host families for placement of international students. The families will care for the safety and welfare of the students. The student will receive a booklet – Welcome to New Zealand – to help in settling in with their host family.

All students are treated as a member of the family and are required to accept the same discipline as any other member of the family. They must obey the laws of the New Zealand Government and the rules of the host parents within the family.
No student is permitted to remain unsupervised in a host family home. Should a host family be away and the international student has not travelled with them, alternative short-term accommodation arrangements will be made. This is done by the Homestay Coordinator.

The College must be notified of any intention to change residence before any change takes place.
Each family has its own house rules which must be respected:

• No smoking or consumption of alcohol in the home without the consent of the host parents.
• Ask permission before going out of the home, other than going to College.
• Any damage caused must be paid for.
• Ask permission to make toll calls. Toll calls should be made ‘collect’.


If a student wishes to go away for the weekend or holiday, permission must be given by the College and the Homestay Parent(s) or Guardian. The College must have written permission from the natural parent(s) or Caregiver(s) before the College can grant such permission. This is to ensure safety. The telephone number, name and address of the person the student is staying with must be notified to the College and Host family. A student should contact the Homestay Coordinator to seek permission, well before the absence from the Homestay takes place.

Hire purchase possessions must not be taken to the Host family’s property without the Host Parents’ knowledge and consent.
The student must try to fit in with the host family’s daily life and routines.

Any unsatisfactory behaviour from a student will be referred to the Dean of International Students and will be dealt with following normal College procedures. Please refer also to the Ellesmere College Complaints Policy available from the International Dean. The policy covers both the rights and responsibilities of this College and the international student.


Download Homestay Application Form