Te Waihora Warriors Return!!

TWW, the environmental group based at Ellesmere College will regroup this year to again focus on the recovery and restoration to full health of Lake Ellesmere, Te Waihora.

Several years ago a large group of College students snd supporters were involved in planting native vegetation on the shore of the lake to improve that environment.

It is important for our College to maintain an environmental focus as part of the wider ecology of the physical health and wellbeing of our community. The name of the College, Te Kareti o Waihora and Lake Ellesmere Te Waihora, are so closely interlinked and in the wider sense, the health of the College and the wider community are intimately connected with the health of the lake.

We are interested in finding solutions to the current polluted state of the lake and contributing rivers, streams and aim to restore and replant further native vegetation around the lake shore as a step to encouraging the reappearance of a healthy and vibrant shore life that will assist in restoring lake health. Lake Ellesmere recovery is recognized as being the biggest environmental challenge in New Zealand, and the task may seem therefore daunting and enormous, not achievable in our lifetime. Saving the world one lake, one river and one stream at a time has to start here and now in our own back yard. If we make no effort, there will be no change or recovery. Having the opportunity to make a difference in the world and giving of your time, your energy and your resources is good for our physical and mental health and sense of wellbeing. It is also good for our community and environment, fosters community action and involvement, draws people together and enhances social connectedness.

Te Waihora Warriors First Planting Activity. – We will be planting native trees and shrubs at a site in Leeston where native woods are being developed. This will give warriors some practical experience in the handling and planting of native plants, before we move back to continue the past work on the shores of the lake and developing environmental work on the rivers. This first activity, probably on a Saturday morning within the next month will also involve the Drama students from College as a team building exercise, and to publicize their upcoming production (15-17 August) named Into the Woods . Further info about that production will follow this article. A free BBQ lunch will follow every environmental activity.

We are therefore looking for recruits to join Te Waihora Warriors….will you join us? Please speak to Murray at College in person, or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or cell:0276945275. We are looking for warriors to be involved in planting, planning, making funding applications, manning the BBQ, preparing publicity boards and drawing up battle plans for the fight to recover the lake and surrounding rivers and streams that lies ahead!

Murray Cameron



 Foundation members TWW 2011




On a very wet morning in December 2011, 

the foundation members of TWW 

survey the area.








 TWW 2014

The team after planting in 2014