Information and Communications Technology


Bring Your Own Device [BYOD]

In order to meet the present and future learning needs of our student’s technology must be integrated into the curriculum. We began our BYOD programme in 2014 and our aim is that by 2017 all students in Years 7 to 10 will to be utilizing technology effectively for their learning. Our preferred device is a Chrome Book that will allow students to access learning opportunities through the school network system


Cyber Safety

At Ellesmere College we have a range of systems and resources in place to help users and the school system remain safe and secure.


Educating students

To help educate students on keeping safe and using technology appropriately we have our Acceptable Use Policy for all students using the school system.
We run education sessions for students in both assemblies and in lessons within home rooms, technology and Health that aim to keep students aware of current issues and how to develop appropriate etiquette using devices.


Educating Parents and the Community

Parents and caregivers are often concerned about the changing nature of the technology and resources their students use. We aim to update and inform parents and caregivers through:

• Newsletter updates
• Information evenings about Cybersafety for parents and caregivers of students at Ellesmere College
• Information evenings about Cybersafety for our local community, including local early childhood facilities and our feeder primary schools

Our focus is on educating parents to be able to have informed discussions at home about appropriate and safe technology use.

Our advice to parents

• Communicate with your students about what apps they are using, If you don’t understand what they are saying and want to check up about the apps, look at the Common Sense Media website:
This website provides reviews and ratings about apps, movies, games, websites and the like.

• Check what they have on their desktop or iPad

• Set up parental controls on iPads (

• Discuss appropriate etiquette with messaging and posting information, as once questions / answers / comments are on the internet they are often able to be found

• Visit websites designed to support parents and caregivers in regards to cyber safety

Netsafe -
Think U know UK -
Digi-Parenting Guide by Vodafone and Netsafe



The Cybersafety Contact at Ellesmere College is Miss Morton (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Download a copy of the Acceptable User Policy


Parent Portal

Using the Parent Portal information can be accessed, via the internet, about students at the College. School notices, attendance information, school calendars, assessment information, student timetables, reports and other information can be accessed.
The web address for the Parent Portal is:
The College provides parents with a username and an unique password that enables them to view information about their child.
If you have any questions about the Parent Portal, have difficulties getting onto the Portal or wish to personalise your password, please email Mrs Lois Richards at the College [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.].