International Study

English Language Requirement

Course placement, subject choice and class year level is conditional on English language proficiency.

While the student may indicate the level at which they wish to study, the College reserves the right to place the student at the level deemed appropriate to the students’ English proficiency. Please note: Ellesmere College does not offer a course in Beginner’s English.

The International Student Application form requests the applicant to send full details of English competency.
All International Students will be enrolled from Years 9-12 unless they have previously studied in a Secondary School in an English speaking country.

Universities and other tertiary institutions in New Zealand have pre-requisites in English language achievement. Ellesmere College provides a supported English language programme to assist students to reach their English language proficiency goals. We can provide information on English requirements for tertiary study in New Zealand.

The Study Programme

Each student has an individual programme which is prepared after consultation with the Dean of International Students. Students will go through an Orientation Programme in the first weeks of their first term.

The College expects students to have a hard-working attitude to academic programmes. We encourage participation in all areas of College life including leadership, cultural, sporting and outdoor education opportunities.

International students receive tuition in ESOL for 6 hours a week. Private ESOL tuition may be available outside school hours if a student requires it. The Dean of International Students can advise on this. Private tuition is an additional cost to the student.

Students are expected to do a lot of independent study and homework.
External examinations available to international students include:

• TOEFL (Test of English as a Second Language)
• IELTS (International English Language Test System)
• New Zealand Qualification Authority examinations:
• National Certificate in Educational Achievement – Levels 1, 2 and 3. (See also

Full College reports are issued to international students two times a year. Copies go to the student’s agency or school system: the expectation is that these representatives send copies to the student’s parents/caregivers.


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