The Canteen


The Ellesmere Canteen provides healthy food at an affordable price. Many items are home cooked by Tracey, our Canteen Manager. She makes healthy food options attractive by providing delicious items at a competitive price.
The Canteen has an emphasis on modern foods and the menu varies according to the season with soup, nachos, baked potatoes and butter chicken featuring in the winter and sushi and fruit salads in the summer. Meals are very reasonably priced and most cost less than $5. The canteen follows the guidelines of the Canteen Association of New Zealand
Chips, drinks, frozen juice and trumpet ice-creams are also sold.
Prior to coming to Ellesmere College our canteen manager, Tracey, was a restaurant chef, a head chef in a rest home and a stay-at-home mum. She has a great knowledge of food and diets.
Tracey’s food ideas can be found by looking up “Traceys Tastebudz” on Facebook.

Please Note:
The canteen will be closed on Monday 07 November and for all Monday's until the end of the term.
Normal business will occur on the other days of the week.


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