Ellesmere College is located in the township of Leeston [population 1600] and has an Enrolment Zone that covers an area of over 800km2. As a consequence, each day, approximately 60% of the students travel to the College on free government funded buses.
The College zone is covered by twelve buses that cover the area. The students furthest from the College might catch the bus at 7.30am and return home by 4.30pm.
A map of the College zone can be found http://nzschools.tki.org.nz/. Alternatively see the page in this website entitled Enrolment Zone.

The bus routes are:Buses300

• Bankside [7719]
• Brookside [7554]
• Doyleston [7555]
• Doyleston/Killinchy [7714]
• Dunsandel Runback [7709]
• Irwell [7555]
• Lakeside [7716]
• Lower Dunsandel [7715]
• Norwood [8900]
• Southbridge Township [1]
• Southbridge/Killinchy [7721]
• Southbridge/Little Rakaia [7720]

If you want information about the Ellesmere College bus routes please contact the Bus Controller, Mr Dean Mower [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.].