The Student Council

The purpose of the 2017 Student Council is to act as a voice and change agent for the students of Ellesmere College, to act in an advisory capacity to the senior leadership team in matters arising and to promote or facilitate events and projects within the school and local community.  We have a value-led student council upholding and promoting the Ellesmere Ethos of Respect, Integrity, Success and Empathy.

The Council aims to:

• Listen to requests and comments from students and to action them where possible
• Help make the College a more pleasant, easier and enjoyable environment for all
• Give students feedback on their comments

At Ellesmere College we have a Junior Student Council, made up of elected representatives from the Junior and Middle School (years 7-10) which is led by the Deputy Head Students Jack Dudley and Ella McClure. We also have a Senior Student Council made up of students from the Senior School (years 11-13) which is led by Head Students Freddie Gash and Jessica Dunlop.
Four members are elected for each year group, one from each Whanau group. The student representative on the Board of Trustees, Megan Dunlop, is also a key member of both councils, reporting the ideas and feedback of the students to the Board of Trustees.

Council Meetings take place at Monday Lunchtime on alternating weeks, with the Senior Council meeting one week and the Junior Council the following. At all meetings, students have equal voting rights and the opportunity to express their opinions, along with the thoughts and voices of other students.
This year the student council are looking forward to completing a number of student led passion projects.

This includes:

• Organising fundraisers for both the school and for charity.
• Enabling student representation on a number of local groups and committees.
• Deciding on where money raised through the student body is spent within the school.
• Putting together new and exciting initiatives for students of Ellesmere College based on ideas proposed by students.   
• Deciding which charities to support through our eight Mufti Days (two per term). 

We are looking forward to achieving a number of projects this year to show student voice is not only being heard but is acted upon. We look forward to contributing to an innovative and exciting environment for all students, making our school a learning, cultural and sporting experience like none-other.