The Ellesmere College Teaching Staff

Email Addresses

Staff email addresses are their surname followed by the first letter of their first name followed by
For example, the address of Tom Mater would be This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mr Craig Anderson

               Mrs Sarah Anderson

Mrs Desirae Beechey
Year 8 Homeroom

               Mrs Wilamena Breukelaar

Dr Murray Cameron
Counsellor (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

Ms Anita Collett
Science/Biology / Year 8 Dean / Kowhai Whanau Coordinator

Mrs Tessa Collins

Mrs Emma Cordes
Year 8 Homeroom

Mrs Jodie Donkers
Year 8 Homeroom

Mrs Ceilidh Donaldson
Social Sciences

               Mrs Tracey Dwyer
               Drama / English / Technology

Mr Sam Forward
Physical Education and Health / Rata Whanau Coordinator

Mr Antony French
Science and Agriculture / Rimu Kaitiaki

Mr Steven Henderson
Art / English / Social Studies

Mrs Melissa Jones
Digital Technology and Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Mrs Dianne Knops
Year 7 & 8, SENCO, Year 7 Dean

Mr Bert Knops
Assistant Principal

Mr Sam Lemon
Mathematics, PE and Health

Ms Katrina Lilly
Visual Arts / Totara Whanau Coordinator

Mrs Jan Malcolm
Year 7 Homeroom

Mrs Rebecca Marshall
Year 7 Homeroom

Mr Miru Mclean
Languages / Maori

               Mr Phil McLean  (Term 1)

Ms Sophie Moore

Mrs Rita Morley-Bunker

Ms Karla Morton
Head of Mathematics

Mr Dean Mower
Year 7 & 8 / Social Studies / Kowhai Kaitiaki

Mr Patrick Neal
Head of Technology

Mr Chris O'Connell
Physical Education and Health / Totara Kaitiaki

Mr Steven Packer
Head of Social Sciences

Mrs Nicole Reardon
Physical Education

Miss Selina Sim
Mathematics and Commerce

Ms Janet Sirisomphone
Languages / Japanese

Mr Dayle Stoliker
Year 7 Homeroom / Music

Mrs Vicki Tanner
Counsellor (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

               Mrs Lynn Taylor
               Assistant Head of Mathematics

               Mrs Amanda Templeton
               Science / English / Social Studies

               Mrs Kim Thomas
               Physical Education and Health / Rimu Whanau Coordinator

Mrs Pam Thomas
Year 7 Homeroom

Mrs Joshua Thompson
Languages / Maori

Mrs Robyn Thompson
Deputy Principal

Ms Brooke van den Beuken
Year 8 Homeroom

               Mrs Andrea van Dooren

Mrs Alison Wakelin

Mr Eric Wang

Miss Jessica Watson
Science and Chemistry

Mr Matthias Wieland
Science and Biology

Miss Branaye Wylie
Head of English

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