Ellesmere College Support Staff


Email Addresses

Staff email addresses are their surname followed by the first letter of their first name followed by @ellesmere.school.nz
For example, the address of Olivia Fredd would be This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ms Bridget Argyle
Learning Assistant

Mrs Janise Clark
Accounts Clerk

Mr Lindsay Cook
Administration Support

Mr Darryl Cousins

Miss Livi Daley
24/7 Youth Worker

Mrs Rochelle Ealam
Library Manager

Ms Jude Elliot
IT Manager

Mrs Kelly Gardner
Vocational Studies

Ms Tracey Gargett
Canteen Manager

Mrs Tarnia Greenwood
Learning Assistant

Mrs Suzy McPherson
Science Technician

Mrs Karen Palmer
Sports Administrator

Mrs Deborah Poorter
Administration - Receptionist

Mrs Lois Richards
Administration - Main Office Secretary

Mrs Julie Romana
Learning Assistant

Mrs Trudy Saunders
Learning Assistant

Ms Donna Thian
Principals PA

Mr Josh Thompson

Ms Virginia Watson
24/7 Youth Worker

Mr Roger Wheeler
Technology Technician

Mrs Liz Wooster
ENABLE class teacher