Our Values


The Ellesmere Ethos is a set of values that governs the behaviour of members of the College community and relationships between members of the community.

The foundation of the Ellesmere Ethos is an agreed set of values that was determined in 2014 after extensive consultation with the students, parents, staff and the community where the values that were of greatest importance were identified.

RISE is the acronym that we use for the values of RespectIntegritySuccess and Empathy.

We are now developing a deeper meaning of these values and using them as the basis of many conversations.

Our dream is that all members of the College community adhere to The Ellesmere Ethos and that it will have a very significant positive influence in the culture of our College that will in turn produce an even better place for students to live and learn.



• Being polite to others
• Caring for our surroundings
• Showing self-respect



• Being honest and trustworthy
• Following through on your commitments
• Being responsible



• Giving your best
• Persevering
• Identifying goals and achieving



• Treating others the way you want to be treated
• Caring for others
• Being community-minded