Our 2018 Student Leaders


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Head Student

The role of a Head Student is without question of significant importance, playing an essential role internally and externally on behalf of Ellesmere College.  I recognize that the position of Head Student is a challenging and demanding one. Having spoken to teachers and past and current Head Students, who have described the tasks and opportunities that the position offers, I cannot think of a more rewarding way to conclude my final year at Ellesmere College than having the opportunity to give back to the school in this way.

In the role of Head Student I would like to strengthen the interactions between the school management and the students of Ellesmere College, working closely with both groups to realise the school’s vision and goals through identifying areas of commonality.

I want to further develop the RISE values (Respect, Integrity, Success and Empathy) and see them being used in everyday practical ways, instead of just remaining ideals.

Fylgia RomeroFylgia Romero resize
Head Student

I have been part of many school activities and groups such as the Student Council, the Student Wellbeing Team, World Vision Team and in many public performances specifically, in music and public speaking. I have also been involved in significant cultural events. The things I have been involved are what I believe, proofs of my passion for creating changes as a part of the youth, for I strongly believe that great changes may be achieved in many ways, through many talents, and through unity of many differences amongst all the different cultures and groups of different characters around me.

I want to take on this huge leadership position in my last year of high school because I want to create a significant change, not just on my own, but together with Ellesmere College and it's branching communities. Ellesmere College has been my one and only school ever since I started a whole new life in this beautiful country and I am passionate about staying until the end of my high school years and hopefully, help the whole school leave a huge mark in everyone's lives. I aim to help and develop Ellesmere College this year not just as a school but as a diverse and united family.


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Deputy Head Student

I have had leadership experience in various roles and have many positive attributes and skills that I believe that will be beneficial for a head student of Ellesmere College. I am compassionate, a good role model for younger students, and I constantly demonstrate the RISE values in and out of the school environment.  

I believe that giving back to the College is very important and it helps us grow as people and show our appreciation for what the College has done for us during our time here. My visions for Ellesmere College include creating a friendlier and more welcoming environment for present and future students and their families.

This is my school, a place that has had a huge influence on my life so far. I am passionate about what happens at the College and I would like to have an influence as to the direction the College takes in my final year. I respect the school's values and will use my head student position as a role model to the younger students. I hope to inspire them into pursuing more opportunities at the College and striving to become the leaders of tomorrow. In doing so, the values of the College will remain strong through the coming years.


Pip PrendergastPip Prendergast resize
Deputy Head Student

I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the deputy head students of Ellesmere College for 2018. I am excited to see what this year brings with its challenges of leadership and teamwork amongst the Year 13’s.

I have played rugby since I was four years old and haven't looked back. I played rugby with the boys right up until under 14s and I loved the friendship and competition the boys provided. From playing with the boys at 14, I went to play in the women's competition in town at age 15, playing against women twice my age and even some who play in the national Black Ferns team! 

Another one of my hobbies is swimming. I have been a competitive swimmer since the end of 2016. I train 4-6 times a week along with rugby 4 times a week and my school work on top. It is safe to say sport and school have been my whole life for the last few years. The knowledge and experience I have gained from being involved in both team sports as well as individual sports has helped me grow my leadership skills that I will take through to this year and help me communicate and work well with others. Overall I am very excited about the upcoming year ahead and I am looking forward to the challenges and leadership to come



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