Curriculum Leaders


Sam ForwardFd100

Health and Physical Education

I moved to Ellesmere College at the start of Term 3, 2015 from Porirua, north of Wellington. I am passionate about encouraging staff and students to be actively involved, connected, life-long learners, and I role model the principle of Ako. I believe in striving for excellence in everything I do and encourage my students and Department to do the same. This is where strong and healthy relationships are paramount in teaching. I love teaching Physical Education and Health because it can allow students to grow as people.



Steven PackerStevenPacker

Social Sciences

I came to Ellesmere College at the start of 2017. I have worked all over New Zealand as well as overseas. I am an enthusiastic Social Scientist and I specialise in History and Geography.  I am very interested in the world around myself and believe that an interest in the Social Sciences is a great way of explaining the way our world is. I am passionate about passing my enthusiasm and curiosity on to my students. I am also interested in teaching to the needs of individual students and am a firm believer in strategies like SOLO Taxonomy that enable students to make their own meanings out of learning tasks in the Social Sciences.


 Antony French



I have been part of the Science Department at Ellesmere College for a considerable number of years and still have passion and enthusiasm for the study of the sciences. As HELA, some of my main objectives are to actively engage students, open their eyes to the world around them and generate a genuine interest and appetite for learning in a science-based context. I lead a dedicated team of teachers, whose shared goals, values and zeal for teaching spill easily into modern teaching strategies and pedagogy. Collaborative planning, shared strategies and open approaches to teaching are some of the strengths of the EC Science team.  In recent times we have introduced vocational pathway courses such as the Rural Trade Academy to compliment what has traditionally been seen as an academic pathway. The future depends on the Sciences.


Janet Sirisomphone



I grew up in rural Canterbury, but as you can tell from my name, I have an intercultural background. My surname is Lao and I speak this language as well as Japanese. My passion is for broadening students’ horizons and helping them to become international citizens. There is a big wide wonderful multicultural and multilingual world out there. I have been on the staff of Ellesmere College for some years now and really enjoy working in the Whanau atmosphere.  



Karla MortonMt100


As the HELA of Mathematics I have the responsibility to ensure all students at Ellesmere College fulfill their mathematical potential. Mathematics is taught from Year 7 to 13 and I believe that all students should be supported and challenged at the appropriate level and learn to see the real-life applications of the material they learn. Mathematics and increasingly Statistics is becoming a critical aspect of our modern world and as a society we need to critically evaluate the information we receive. I have a passion for learning and am currently undertaking a range of postgraduate study, as I believe we are all continuously learning. Keeping abreast of local and international research on the most effective ways of teaching mathematical content and using new teaching approaches will allow our Department to support all students to fulfil their mathematical promise. 


Pam ThomasTs100

Year 7 and 8

I started teaching at Southbridge School and then, after a break of ten years to have my children, began relieving at Ellesmere College.  I have now been on the full time staff for twenty one years.

I teach mostly in the Year 7 & 8 area of the school. I am primary trained and I gained my Teaching Diploma at the Christchurch Teachers College. I enjoy teaching and I am passionate about teaching young people to read and write.